I’m Briana Chapman, the wife of dentist, Wesley Arnold. I wouldn’t normally introduce myself by the status of my husband, this isn’t the 1900s after all, however it is important because he and his profession are the reason we are living in Lusaka, Zambia for 5 years. Unfortunately, my life and salary of a teacher can’t begin to tickle the amount of debt we owe after  his dental schooling, so we sought out the alternative  of serving as missionaries through the Differed Missions Appointment at Loma Linda University.

So now you know what he’s doing but what am I doing you ask? Excellent question and one that I intend to answer in very vague, sarcastic comments such as tend to my husbands every need, cook and clean,  teach the childrens, possibly open a taco stand, build a zoo or pursue my master’s online. I’ll do this all the while being a primary teacher at Boabab College along with simply writing this sarcastic blog…

We both love traveling, seeing new places and meeting new people and if we happen to show the love of God through what we do, then even better.

We’d love to hear from you or answer any of your questions. You can Contact through this blog or simply send us some good ole’ snail mail using the address found below.


Baobab College
Atn: Briana Chapman
Kafue Road, Lilayi Lusaka,
P.O. Box 350099, Chilanga, ZAMBIA

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