Hey, when are you guys leaving?


My favorite question can now be answered with:


After much anticipation and bated breath, Wes and I are finally going to be one our merry way to the wonderful country of Zambia. Now all that’s left to finish up is packing our container with food and much needed veggie meats, decorations, a piano, a washer and dryer and anything else our families decide to get rid of on us.

Finally having a date is a dream come true because before, Wes and I were simply unemployed nomads, mooching off of our families, and yes friends as well, living in an abyss with only a slight glimmer of light. I exaggerate only slightly… Since June we have moved out of our apartment and into our parents homes, switching every 2-3 weeks, to help make things fair, while also using the Arnold’s cabin as our dumping grounds of all things miscellaneous. We have also been without work since June because as a teacher, I am on summer holiday and I didn’t renew my contract to teach because I didn’t want to just get up and leave in the middle of the school year. Wesley graduated in June and took his final tests then and has also been without work because who will hire someone for only a few months?!

Thus began our journey, way back in June…

I’m not so sure that married couples are supposed to spend 24/7 together. I think God intended for couples to wake up together with love in their hearts, leave for work, come back after hours of aching separation and share with their spouse about the wonderful day they’ve had, eat dinner, watch a movie and then go to sleep and repeat similarly. It becomes hard to share about your day when, well, you’ve been together all day and for the last few weeks! Needless to say, the road to becoming a missionary started way back in June.

We have come a long way since June, going to the doctors office three and four times making sure we are current on our vaccinations, venturing through the aisles of Costco and Sam’s Club at least three times in the last week and giving our final goodbye hugs.

Goodbyes suck! I’d rather not participate in goodbyes but alas, that would be rude. But how do you say goodbye to those who share in random group chats about the latest book club shinanigans, fantasy football upsets, and kittens?! How does one say goodbye to the solid group of friends whom you’ve stayed close with since high school and college, knowing some may lose touch? How do you not fall apart realizing that you’re not going to have the solid support of your girls when you’ve had a crappy day? How does one cope with leaving a job you loved with students and co-workers you respected, not knowing what your next job will be? How does your gut not wrench at the thought of not being able to call on your parents with a quick question or raid their fridge when ours is empty? How do you deal with leaving behind family members you know you may never see again?

When I ask myself these questions, I want to turn to Wes and ask him to remind me why we are putting ourselves through all this because it sounds crazy! I then have to take a step back, brush back my tears, and maybe dab Wes’ eyes and realize that it’s not about us. It’s about the work that God is doing and we are merely playing a small role. And then I hear my mother’s voice reminding me, “God wouldn’t put you in a situation He didn’t think you couldn’t handle.” I have to believe this. I have to have faith that there’s a bigger picture because then, it makes my goodbyes just a little easier to get through.


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