Prepping for Africa


To ease the minds of our family and friends, I (Briana) have decided to create a blog . This blog won’t technically be up and running until we are actually living in Zambia, which could be sometime in October… October what you ask? Well we couldn’t tell you…thus begins the uncertain life of  a missionary and fellow church worker but we knew what we were signing up for, sort of, and we’re down for the adventure, so stayed tuned!

As far as what we do know, I have complied a list of questions that we get asked A LOT about our missionary post.


Where will you guys be living?

When we arrive, we will be living in a tiny apartment located in the compound of the Dental Clinic and Eye Hospital until our container arrives with all of our belongings. This could mean up to 6 months before we see our stuff but I will be looking for a small house, once we get there, that is close to the Dental Clinic but also not far from the city of Lusaka.

What will you guys be doing?

Wesley will be working in the Lusaka Dental Clinic in Chiwama with  a fellow missionary and LLU Dental School grad for a few months before they leave. Wes is apart of the Differed Missions Appointment at LLU that will help us pay back our loans that he racked up while in Dental school.

I will simply be twiddling my thumbs, waiting for my husband to come home and cook him a nice meal…the usual really. That is until I find a job which could be anything from working at an orphanage, working for an NPO or NGO, the UN, maybe teaching or starting up my own zoo or taco stand with my brand new taco press! The opportunities are endless really. And no, I do not have anything lined up right, try as I might, I have been told countless times that I will just have to wait until I get there, which is fine by me!

Will you have internet?

Uh yes, we will be living in a civilized area contrary to what all the UNICEF, or other NPO commercials show you on TV. Lusaka does have internet, though we have to buy it differently than in the states, they also have TV’s, computers, escalators, washers, toilets, lights, everything really!

Will you guys be able to come to the states to visit?

Yes, we will have about 4-6 weeks every year that we can come home or travel. These weeks are accrued over time and are also combined with Continuing Education. We do have to build up these days, so we won’t be able to leave whenever.

What does the clinic/compound look like?

I would direct you to our PHOTOS page to see more about what the compound and clinic look like.

Can you come and visit?

The answer is, of course, YES! Though we know several of you would love to come, the reality is, you won’t and that’s okay! But do know that if you suddenly have the urge to come to Africa and get your safari on or know of someone coming to Zambia please let us know because we would love to open up our house! We are no strangers to traveling and know that being away from home can be unnerving, so please let us know if we can make anyone’s stay a little nicer and we will be more than happy to!

Is it safe?

My favorite question to answer because it can be quite subjective but yes, it is safe to live in Lusaka, though just like any city or town in the states, there are safer areas and sketchy areas. We will also have the help of many locals and other missionaries to show us the ropes around. I will say that our chances of encountering a massive python curled up in our car engine will increase, or encountering a lion whilst on a jog but what is life without a little risk?!


Why haven’t you left yet? I thought you guys would be gone!

We did too! But LOOOOONG story short, our call has to go through a long chain of command, from Africa to America, so things get delayed and take a bit longer than normal. We have learned this the hard way but are still excited to serve in Zambia and honestly can’t wait to just get there and start our adventure!



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